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Big Gay Out 2017

Each year, the New Zealand AIDS Foundation works tirelessly to organise Auckland’s flagship pride event: the Ending HIV Big Gay Out – a harbour-side celebration of rainbow diversity with a little something for everyone.

This year marked a significant turning point for the festival as NZAF launched its new, goal-oriented campaign: “Ending HIV”. Ending HIV, a New Zealand-Australia co-venture, asks you to imagine a world with no new HIV transmissions. Emphasising practical steps that can be taken to minimise transmitting the virus, Ending HIV sets its sights on eliminating new transmissions of HIV in New Zealand by the year 2025.

To promote the event, NZAF approached us to produce a shot, shareable video to celebrate the day. Hoping to reflect the fun-loving and dynamic energy of the community, we opted to keep mobile – using a steadicam to fly through crowds and capture something of the free-spirited nature of the event. Ultimately, we wanted to produce content which the Big Gay Out community would be proud to call their own – and inspire support for the Ending HIV brand.

After a quick turnaround, the video was published on the Ending HIV Facebook page, where it was met with a positive response. Users tagged friends, commented, and shared it around – enthusiastically spreading Ending HIV’s core message through the community: Stay Safe, Test Often, Treat Early.

Together, we can end HIV – and its inspiring to work with an organisation as dedicated to this cause as the New Zealand AIDS Foundation.

If you’d like to learn more about Big Gay Out or Ending HIV, you can check them out online at endinghiv.org.nz.

If you’d like to book a free HIV test, you can register an appointment here.

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