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March 21, 2019 chillboxcreative

Chilldocs 2019 – Call for Submissions

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We’re excited to announce submissions are now open for
Chilldocs, a funding initiative targeting the production of short documentaries.

The important stuff:

  • 5 films selected for funding
  • $3,000 of funding per film
  • Film lengths of 6 – 12 minutes
  • Submissions due by 10 May, 2019

What is Chilldocs?
Chilldocs is a new funding initiative from Chillbox Creative designed to empower independent documentary filmmakers to tell compelling real-world stories that matter. Following an open call for submissions, a total of 5 films will be selected for funding. The end product will be a series of short documentaries for online publication.

How does it work?
If you’ve got an idea for a short documentary, submit it. If your application is successful, we will contribute $3,000 for you to bring your documentary to life. While we are happy to provide some guidance and support to successful applicants on request, the film is 100% your creative baby, and it’s up to you to pull together a team, organise production, and execute your vision. Finished films will be published through Chillbox Creative’s online channels, and exhibited at a premiere screening event in Auckland.

What are we after?
If stories were coins, you’d find the kind of stories we’re after stuffed deep down the couch cushions or in the back pocket of a forgotten pair of op shop jeans. We are looking for hidden gems – niche stories that offer a unique perspective on real-world people, places, and ideas. Finished films will run between 6 – 12 minutes in length, so make sure your story can be done justice in this run-time. Apart from that there really aren’t any other rules. Be brave, break the mould, and tell a story that only you can tell.

Who can apply?
We are looking for motivated, creative, and competent New Zealand filmmakers excited for an opportunity to tell real-world stories. While filmmakers of all experience levels are welcome to apply, successful applicants will need to demonstrate an understanding of the documentary process, and a talent for telling human stories. You’ve got to be passionate about people, and excited to shed light on the human experience.

Submission requirements:
Applicants will be judged first on the originality and quality of their idea, and secondly on their ability to execute that idea. Applications should include:

  1. Summary of Idea: A short summary of your story (1-2 sentences).
  2. Narrative Outline: A longer outline of your story’s narrative arc. Who are the characters? What is the conflict? What happens? (150-250 words)
  3. Director’s Treatment: An overview of the director’s vision. What motivated you to tell this story? Why do you think it’s important to tell this story? How will the film look and feel? What themes will it explore? What approach will you take? (150-250words)
  4. Team Biographies: Short biographies (50-150 words each) on any key team members attached to the project (Director, DOP, Producer, Editor, Colourist, etc.)
  5. Budget: A budget showing how you will produce your film and make the most out of the supplied funding.
  6. Supporting Evidence: Showreels, references, examples of past work – anything else you think might give a more complete picture of you as a filmmaker and storyteller.

Submissions are due by 10 May, 2019.
Please send any questions and completed submissions to: contact@chillboxcreative.com

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