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May 11, 2015 chillboxcreative

Duck, Duck, Goose

For the last couple of weeks, during the production phase, we have had the privilege of helping out on the next project from Ben Hobbs and Chayse Millar. Their last short film, Slabbed came in third at Tropfest 2015, and the fact that they’re already on to the next one is a sure sign that they are in for the long haul.

Making films can be both amazing and shit at the same time. Especially financially.  Once you realise that your DP needs those over-priced PL lenses to do his job properly, and that you need to feed people it becomes a really fuckin’ expensive endeavour. So in the best interests of the creative side of Chillbox Creative we have decided to scope out cool projects that have enthusiastic, motivated and above all else, capable people in charge. Our contribution might be financial, or it could be help with production (e.g. just lending some gear or sourcing people).

There may be a few more funding opportunities open to people these days, but there’s a still a massive gap for the “inexperienced” film-makers; cobbling the entire budget together themselves with no track record for potential investors to go by.  Slabbed was enough for me and everyone here to see that Ben and Chayse aren’t just driven, they have a strong team, and they know their shit.

Duck, Duck, Goose is currently in post-production. Check out our Facebook for more behind the scenes photos.

Watch Slabbed here.



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