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Introducing Able

Think about a time when you watched TV recently. Now imagine watching TV if you couldn’t see clearly – or if you had trouble hearing. Harder, right?

Able is a charity that provides captioning and audio description services – allowing people with sight or hearing difficulties to more fully experience TV.

Able’s service has become a regular part of life for many of it’s users, and their audio description service is one of the leading programmes in the world.

Despite being really popular with users, a lot of decision makers with the power to help Able (i.e. government officials, potential donors, etc.) either didn’t know that Able existed, or didn’t really understand what Able did.

In collaboration with Pitch Studio (Able’s Digital Agency), we devised and produced a video to be played at a special event for Able, held at parliament. Ministers and other ‘movers and shakers’ would be in attendance. High stakes. The video had to help people understand what Able does, and why that was important. The idea was the raise Able’s profile, and help them secure funding to expand their services.

With the video, we really wanted to emphasise how access to TV actually just makes people’s lives better. Working with the Able team was really easy – everyone was very willing to be filmed, which always makes our job a lot easier – and it makes the end product heaps better too.

The event kicked off several projects to help Able to increase captioning and audio description. We’re glad to have played a role in strengthening Able’s future.


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