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Inugo: Getting the show on the road

Parking sucks – but it doesn’t have to. We teamed up with local start-up Inugo to help promote their innovative take on the future of parking.

Inugo is a parking app. It works with participating car parks to streamline the parking process by eliminating the need for dodgy ticketing machines. Inugo moves everything to your phone – no waiting in line, no losing your parking stub, and no spending more time in a car park than you have to. Additionally, customers can locate participating carparks through the Inugo app, compare prices, and get updates on the latest deals, such as early bird specials. It’s a match made in heaven – an app designed to make parking easier for both customers and providers.

However, even the best idea isn’t worth a whole lot if no one ever hears about it. Inugo knew that for their app to succeed, they would need to get their message out there and attract a user base. This meant getting crafty and developing some flashy flagship content to share their story with the world.

A fresh-faced and fast-moving start-up, Inugo needed someone willing to deliver efficiently in both a creative and technical capacity.  Looking for a flexible provider compatible with the start-up mentality, Inugo opened their doors for pitches – and, just like another kind of pitch, ours seemed to stick. We packaged up and presented two separate approaches – both tight-knit shorts designed to characterise Inugo as the end-all-be-all solution to everyone’s parking problems. We like to think Inugo were impressed with what we had to say, because, in the end, they chose to green-light both of our ideas.

With Inugo’s blessing, we took the wheel and handled the project from start to finish. An all-in-one service from concept to completion, we conceived the creative, wrote the scripts, organised production, executed the shoots, and assembled the final edits. In the end, we delivered two slick bits of video content to help Inugo kickstart their campaign. For Inugo, it was just the ticket. Even if they don’t actually deal with tickets…

Ready to take your brand out for a spin? Whether you have an idea in the works or are starting from scratch, we can help you put the wheels in motion. Let’s share your story together!

If you’d like to read more about Inugo and their service, you can find them online at inugo.com.



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