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Kiwiherb in 30 Seconds

We love seeing Kiwi companies succeed – especially ones we know and have worked with before. So when Kiwiherb got in touch with us to help them make their first television commercial, we were pretty thrilled to get involved.

Kiwiherb was formed in 2000 by founder Phil Rasmussen who recognised the need for 100% natural herbal health products. Based in Auckland, Kiwiherb produces a unique range of herbal products for a wide variety of markets around the world.

Although they had already found success both on our shores and overseas, Kiwiherb wanted to expand their reach and grow their share in a market dominated by the aggressive advertising of competitors. So, in order to stand out from the competition, Kiwiherb decided to add a new weapon to their marketing arsenal: a television commercial.

The TVC would headline a new campaign strategy, including social media, radio, and in-store promotions. Kiwiherb understood that today, more than ever, it’s important to communicate with customers across different platforms, and take a multi-channel approach to telling your story.

While we had already collaborated on several videos for their website, Kiwiherb wanted to leave no rock unturned for their first TVC, and had several other production companies lined up to pitch. In the end, they were impressed with our proposal – a sleek, but simple concept that hit the right Kiwiherb note. Plus, our experience in television production helped set us apart. Television commercials are less explanatory and more conceptual than videos for the web. They have to work in a fixed, compact time-slot to tell a simple, visual story and sell a product. More importantly, as they’re airing on television, they have to be up to broadcast standard.

In the end, working to a tight deadline and a limited budget, we were able to create a short, 30-second animation that stood out and was uniquely Kiwiherb. In addition to handling the technical elements of the production, we also drove the creative side of the project. From developing the script to full design and animation, we were able to deliver a story that best encapsulated the Kiwiherb brand – an animated television commercial Kiwiherb was proud to call its own. Since the release of the new campaign, Kiwiherb has reported a significant increase in sales and activity.

We love helping people tell their stories, especially homegrown ones. If you want to chat about how we can help you tell yours, or reach a wider audience – whether it’s for television or elsewhere – please get in touch.

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