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Stake Out: Season 2

Two men, one 1998 Toyota Starlet, and a seemingly endless amount of time to kill. Semi-professional private investigators Tom and Chris get a little too much one-on-one time as they work to maintain their burgeoning stake out business.

It has always been a core objective at Chillbox to support independent filmmakers and creators wherever and whenever the possibility arrises. We have an open door policy – if you have got a project you’d like help producing, we are all ears! When we were first introduced to Thomas Sainsbury and Chris Parker in late 2015, we knew we had met two independent creatives worth working with.

Actors, writers, comedians, dancers – two extremely talented creative all-rounders, Tom and Chris have worked on a variety of projects, both stage and screen. The duo’s “Stake Out“, a short-form web-series that follows two quibbling amateur detectives on a series of stake outs, debuted its first season on NZME’s WatchMe in early 2015. While we were not involved in Season 1, we were determined to get on board, and thought we’d offer to help on any projects the pair may have planned for the future. Much to our delight – Tom and Chris accepted our offer, and invited us on board for “Stake Out: Season 2”.

Like most independent creative ventures, Stake Out: Season 2 was very much a collaborative effort – and we could not have done any of it without the help and support of a handful of extremely patient and talented individuals – both cast and crew. We also had the pleasure of working with legendary New Zealand actress Danielle Cormack, who brought nothing but positive energy and a pro performance, and was an absolute delight to have on set.

If you’d like to watch more of Stake Out: Season 2, we’ve embedded the remaining 5 episodes below. Additionally, if you’re interested in seeing more of Tom and Chris’ work, you can follow them on facebook at Parker & Sainsbury.

If you’ve got a project of you’re own you think you might like some help getting off the ground – flick us an email at contact@chillboxcreative.com and we’ll see what we can do!


The Boys are back on the job but are struggling to seperate the personal from the professional. So they’ve brought in a professional mediator to sort through a few nigglies.

Chris and Tom find themselves in hot soapy water with a pesky window washer.

The boys are pimp’n out their ride and giving it all the bells and whistles, thanks to the charm of a dashing Salesman.

Chris and Tom find themselves on the graveyard shift, but will they make it through the night?

The boys are keeping their eyes peeled for a good park, and they might have found their dream spot, if it wasn’t for that pesky parking warden.

Danielle Cormack stars in this climatic cliffhanger as the boys are tested to their very limit. Putting the scream in ice creams.

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