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Love Your Condom: Top Bun

Chillbox got to strip off recently on a content piece for the New Zealand Aids Foundation​ and their Love Your Condom brand. We worked closely with director Roberto Nascimento and writer Louis Mendiola to bring their vision of “Top Bun” to life – a spoof of the infamous 80s film Top Gun. Top Bun uses over the top characters and an 80s kitsch style to craft the message of the importance of condoms in a fun and eye-catching way.

Love Your Condom is a playful brand that has had made waves with its off-beat and engaging campaigns, so it was important that Top Bun worked to fit this approach. By packaging the safe sex message in this way, viewers were able to engage with the content while being brought into the fun loving and vivacious world that is “Top Bun.” The final video was posted online for the holiday period where it garnered strong reaction from audiences.

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