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Tourism New Zealand – Genero.tv

A couple of months ago, we decided to enter a video competition run by Genero.tv. For those of you not familiar with Genero.tv here’s a quick copy-and-paste from their website about what they do: ‘Genero offers a platform for clients to source and generate video content and also offers the opportunity to video directors and filmmakers to make a living doing what they love.’

Basically, if you’re in a creative rut and need a project to work on, give this website a look in.

The brief we decided to have a crack at was a Tourism New Zealand project. The challenge? To create a video that captures 5 activities you can do in a day in New Zealand. So even if our video turned out to be a complete shambles, at least we’d get a fun day out of it.

So with a camera in hand the team took off around Auckland. We biked, kayaked, ate, swam, jumped into a massive water hole, surfed, ate, ate some more… oh yes and we watched some fireworks at the end of the day!

So at the end of all that we ended up with this little video. Enjoy!

Special thanks to Ryan Southee, Hayley Robertson, and Puteri Raja Ariff for giving up a weekend to hang out with us.



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