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UoA – Humans VS Zombies


Some of the earliest work we ever got was covering events for the University of Auckland. Usually, this involves editing together a 1-2 minute short showcasing event highlights that reminds those who attended how much fun they had while simultaneously making everyone else regret not attending.  In the past, we’ve taken a relatively formulaic approach to this brief (up-beat music / montage of people enjoying themselves / shots of free food / etc.).  This year, however, we thought we’d switch it up, and figured the University’s “Humans VS Zombies” event would be the perfect opportunity to trial a new format.

For those unfamiliar with “Humans VS Zombies”, it is essentially a giant game of team-tag, only themed, and with nerf guns. Armed survivors fend off the swarming zombie hordes to avoid becoming infected themselves.  If tagged by a zombie, a survivor then joins the horde (identified by green head bands) and sets about trying to infect the remaining survivors.

In terms of coverage, we figured such an ‘out there’ game would lend itself nicely to a more creative approach. We eventually reasoned that as inexorably filmic as Zombies are, a ‘cinematic trailer’ might be an appropriate and entertaining way to showcase this event.  Rather than clean-cut, up-beat B-roll of students ‘hanging-out’ and ‘having a good time’, we decided to aim a bit more emotive, gritting it up with dramatic music, VFX, and some semblance of a B-movie zombie plot – all the while remaining within the relatively modest budget set for University ‘event videos’.  The above video is what we ended up piecing together.

I should also note that this video was shot by one of our contractors, Daryl Wong, who so graciously agreed to give up part of his 48 Hours Film Festival Saturday to attend the event – what a trooper!

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