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Reaching Farther with APRU

Knowledge, innovation, progress – these are the key values held by the Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU) in their pursuit of developing a better understanding of the global challenges affecting the region. Wanting to communicate their mission to a wider audience, the organisation got in touch with us to help them produce a video that captured the essence of the new APRU brand by showcasing their strategy for a better future.

APRU was established in 1997 by several presidents of leading universities in California. With an aim of developing further economic, scientific and cultural advancement in the Pacific Rim, the APRU fosters regular collaboration between member universities. There are over 40 member universities – including the University of Auckland – across 17 economies.

To expand their reach, APRU decided a new video was needed. As you can imagine, we were exited to work with such an influential organisation. Bringing new ideas to big issues was something we could fully get behind; and we were more than inspired to help them create a video to promote their goal. During video production, we were responsible for everything from scripting and concept development through to art design and animation.

Truly an international production – APRU headquarters are based in Hong Kong – we found working with animation to be particularly effective as it opened possibilities. It didn’t require filming, and so freed us from geographical limitations. Through animation, we can easily work with companies and organisations from all around the world.

The video debuted at APRU’s 21st Annual Presidents’-Meeting and Presidential Retreat in Sydney. Guests included APRU members, presidents, and even Helen Clark! She was part of the crowd who gave the video a round of applause – and if that’s not validation of a job well done, we’re not sure what is!

By establishing APRU’s credibility and a strong sense of their future direction in a video running less than two- minutes long, we helped reinforce the new brand as well as the impact APRU can have on the world.

While they had a big story to tell, we are always happy to help tell stories of any size. Get in touch if you would like to share your story.


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