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What’s Prep? – Ending HIV NZ

PrEP – What is it? Who needs it? How do you get it? We teamed up with Ending HIV NZ to produce a digital campaign about the little blue pill making a big difference.

Knowledge is power, and information is arguably the most valuable tool in the fight to end HIV. Unfortunately, that information isn’t very helpful if it doesn’t reach the right audience. Ending HIV NZ and the New Zealand AIDS Foundation specialise in getting critical HIV health information to those who need it most – an ongoing challenge that often means developing new and exciting ways to engage with their audience.  The goal is to take the ‘clinic’ out of the content, and package things up in a fun, friendly, and accessible way that de-mystifies HIV and ensures greater cut through with viewers. This playful approach is on full display in past projects we’ve produced with Ending HIV NZ, including “The Man with the Wrapped Candy“, “A Good Sex Life“, and “One of those chats“.

It was in this spirit of innovation that Ending HIV NZ approached us to help them talk about PrEP, an antiviral drug used to prevent the spread of HIV. In addition to an animated explainer video, Ending HIV NZ wanted to develop a series of interactive ‘infographics’ to sit  inside dedicated pages on their website. The animated video would provide an introduction and overview of PrEP, and the infographics would walk users through more specific information about the medication – including where to get it, and how it’s used. While creating an animated video was well within our wheelhouse, interactive web development was something relatively new. Always keen on a challenge, we figured we’d give it a crack.

Ending HIV NZ provided the initial scripts, from which we were responsible for developing visual outlines and storyboards. Once these initial storyboards were approved, we developed a look & feel and produced illustrated assets that would be cohesive across both the animated video and the infographics. We wanted to land on a style that would be simple, but with enough character and vibrancy to add some life. From there, we set about assembling both the animated video and infographics respectively.

For the implementation and build of the infographics we were privileged to work with DDB and their excellent team of developers. With their expertise, our designs were seamlessly integrated into Ending HIV NZ’s revamped website. As users navigate each graphic, animations respond to their scrolling and mouse movements. The interactivity demonstrated in each page is something that’s unique to this project.

The two infographics can also be found on Ending HIV NZ’s website, and are linked below:

Infographic 1 – “How do I get PrEP?”

Infographic 2 – “How to use PrEP 2-1-1”

You can find the finished animated video above, or on Ending HIV NZ’s “What is PrEP?” page here.

It is an inspiration to work with an organisation so willing to push the envelope. Ending HIV NZ has repeatedly raised the bar in their communication efforts, and we feel privileged to work alongside them in their efforts to eliminate HIV.


Script – Ending HIV NZ
Producer – Jonathan Potton
Director / Animator – Gabriel Lunte
Illustrations – Lei Wen
Infographic Animations – Darren Manden
Sound Design – Envy Studios
Web Implementation – DDB

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